While we offer a range of seasonal produce, our top crops are strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and tomatoes. Here you can explore what we grow throughout the year!


In season early June through Fall- Done for 2020 season

HEIRLOOM- Done for Season 2020

Black Krim- Done for season
Rows XX Dark red-purple fruit, rich sweet flavor. One of the best. It always places high in tomato taste trials. It's very juicy. An heirloom from Russia with very unique looking, large fruit. It's popular at many markets on the West Coast; also a favorite of many fine chefs.
San Marzano-Done for Season
Coveted for their firm pulp, deep red color, easy to remove skin and low seed count. Perfect for cooking, sauces, salads.
Valencia - Done for season
Orange. Great texture. Meaty with tangy flavor with very few seeds. Perfect for salads, sandwiches or just eating.
Mortgage Lifter- Rows 17 (back)-18-Done for season
Plant produces good yields of 1 to 2 pound beefsteak tomatoes that have a sweet rich flavor and turn deep pink when mature. Perfect for salads, sandwiches or just eating.
German Johnson- Rows 19-21- Done for season
Large, deep pink, flavorful, and nearly crack-free – German Johnson Tomatoes are the pride of Virginia and North Carolina where they originated. Thought to be one of the four parent lines of "Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter," German Johnson Tomatoes produce large, meaty fruit. Perfect for salads, sandwiches or just eating.
Brandywine- Rows 23-24- Limited : Rows 52-54 - Done for season
Brandywine’s are the most-favored table tomato of all time. They are sweet, large, and pleasing to taste, though not always perfect-looking. They do not have a long shelf life, however, so canning, pickling, saucing, and drying are also recommended. Dried Brandywines retain a sweet flavor and can be sliced into large, pretty cuts for aesthetic appeal as well.
Mr. Stripey- Row 25- Done for season
Mr. Stripey Tomato is a wonderful heirloom with a high sugar content and low acidity. Pretty to slice,
Cherokee Purple-Rows 49-50- Done for season
Cherokee Purple Tomatoes win popularity contests for its intense depth of flavor as well as its unusual red/deep purple color. Beefsteak in style with green shoulders, they boast a dense, juicy texture with just the right amount of sweetness. Perfect for salads, sandwiches or just eating.
Rutgers- Rows 45-46- Done for season
An exquisite tasting tomato, the “Rutgers VF” is an open-pollinated variety that was originally created by the Campbell’s Soup Company in the 1920’s and then perfected and improved by Rutgers University a few decades later. Disease-resistant, Heirloom Rutgers VF is arguably the finest canning tomato.


Better Boy- Rows 16 (back of row)- Done for season
This is a great choice that bears sizable fruits on a very compact plants. Especially strong, bushy plants bear truly tasty, medium-sized tomatoes great for sandwiches and slicing.
Celebrity- Row Front of 16 and 29 - Done for season
Celebrity vines bear clusters of medium-large tomatoes that are prized for their flavor. This is a great, all-round, dependable choice for your “basic” tomato needs — sandwiches, slicing, snacks, and bruschetta. Large, meaty fruit with exceptional flavor.
Big Boy - Row 17 (front of row) - Done for season
The name, Big Boy, is easy to remember and so is the flavor. This is a big, sandwich-type slicer with smooth, bright red fruit and a flavor that everybody likes.
Early Girl- Row 30- Done for season
When gardeners talk about the “first” tomatoes, Early Girl is always there. This may be the most all-round popular hybrid to satisfy that itch for the first fresh tomato of the season. Use them for slicing on a place, into a salad, or on a sandwich.
Cherry Bomb- Rows 31- Done for season
Classic cherry tomato flavor - firm, sweet, and well-balanced. Unique calyx makes an attractive display when left attached to fruit. Perfect for snacking or salads.
Juliet- Rows 32-33- Done for season
Also known as mini-Romas because of their shape, Juliets are technically a cross between a cherry and plum tomato. Juliets carry some sweetness, though not as much as Sungolds. Juliets can stand up to strong flavors, making them ideal for maximalist tomato salads. Or sliced in half and slow-roasted, they are the perfect tomato for roasted tomato pesto. Or make chopped guacamole.
Supersweet 100- Rows 21 (back)-22 : Done for season
They are perfect for snacking, salads, and even juice. Cherry tomatoes bursting with sugary flavor. The scarlet, cherry-sized fruits are produced in long pendulous clusters right up to frost.


Summer to Fall
Zucchini- Done for season
Regular ole Zucchini
Squash- Done for season
Primarily summer squash
Peppers- Done for season
Rows 11- 12 are Jalapeno. Rows 1 (back) and 26 (front) Bell peppers. Rows 12 (front), 13 (front) and 26 - banana peppers
Cucumbers- Done for season
A few different varieties: Diva, pickling, slicing.
Green Beans- Done for season
Good ole bush green beans.


Late May through late July
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Tift Blue
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Early June through mid-July
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In season late March through late May
Firm wedge-shaped fruit that has deep red color, intense vibrant flavor with a balance of acid and sweetness.
Ruby June
Ruby June has the darkest exterior and interior color of any of Lassen Canyon’s varieties. The fruit is great for recipes calling for strawberries.
Sweet Charlie
Sweet Charlie is a vigorous produce and a great choice for the home garden. They are firm, can tolerate gentle shipping over short distances, and have deep red mature strawberries. The plants have leaves that are medium to dark green, slightly cupped, and semi-glossy.