2017 Strawberry Season has begun!

Easy picking!  (We also have pre-picked) We are open Monday - Friday 10AM-6PM Sat 10AM-5PM and  Sun 1PM-5PM.  


Strawberry season is beginning!

The strawberry season is starting two weeks earlier this year.  The field is open beginning at 10 AM-5PM.  We are not open on Sundays.   Call to be sure we have supply - 704.651.3700.  


Fall is around the corner...

We are experimenting with our strawberry crop and planted fall strawberries, which means they should produce strawberries this fall and next spring.   It will be interesting to see how they perform , keep posted.  Weddings continue each weekend and we only have a few dates open in 2016.  


The heat is on!  

It is a very hot and dry summer, but the tent stays remarkably cool with four large ceiling fans.  Plants are still blooming and looking great for weddings despite the weather.  Pretty soon, The Ivy Place will break for the summer.  Look what we found in the blackberries!  We love finding nature flourishing.  We continually look for ways to be sustainable and to have the least impact on our land.  


And the wedding season continues...

The strawberry season is over, and we had a successful one!  The blueberries and blackberries have not produced as much as we hoped, but there is always next year.  We hope next year's weather will be just right for all of our berries.  The wedding season continues.  Each week we have beautiful weddings, such a delight to see each one come together.  They are all so unique!   Enjoy a few photos...